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I am crazy.

by Kyle

I’ve decided this. I moved to New Plymouth just over a week ago, yet where am I now?
I’m at Fairfield College, in Hamilton. Yes, Hamilton. I can’t stay away!
I’m thinking of moving back very soon. Yes yes. Watch this space =]


“What does it really mean?”

by Kyle

Relationships. I know, a very touchy subject for most people.
They can make you feel so, so happy but also very, very low. You can be soaring one minute and buried the next; they are unpredictable and they seem to hurt when you screw them up.

I recently ended a 6-month relationship, and I’m feeling really good. I’m not qualified to give relationship advice, but one thing I have learnt is that if you don’t feel good, if you’re not happy, then you should get out. Why drag yourself though pain when it’s not necessary? I was surprised to feel fantastic, lighter and much happier after breaking up about a week ago. I feel so good =D
The only thing I have truly felt miserable about is the thought of going back to New Plymouth and leaving behind such great people.

I am going to really miss the brilliant and amazing people of Hamilton. The best thing I am taking away with me, are the friendships I have made and the confidence and skills I have gained. LOTTO training, Union Delegate training, KIWIHOST training; it’s all been good. My photos with Sam is Psychology, random chats with Logie, film-club organisationalness with Logan, breakfasts with Sigourney and everyone else I just don’t know how I’ll cope without you ALL! It’s going to be weird.

I do hope to come back within two months, but we’ll see.

My Adventure

by Kyle

My adventure in Hamilton is coming to an end, and what a dramatic year it has been so far!

Janurary 1st, I visited Hamilton for the very first time. It was only intended to be a holiday for a weekend, but that weekend soon extended into two weeks and within that time, I was convinced that Hamilton was where my future lay. I accepted an offer to move away from New Plymouth and live with a school teacher, away from friends, family, school and work. Leaving Countdown behind was a hard decision!

February,  I began attending Fairfield College. Very different from the rich and traditional New Plymouth Boys’ High School, the college was co-educational, non-uniform, with a colourful mix of students. I also began working at Foodtown. A small, run-down and dark supermarket, it took me awhile to adjust after working in the huge and modern Countdown The Valley in New Plymouth.

April, my 3-month relationship ended and all of a sudden, I also needed to find a new place to live and other “things” began to happen to me. Some of you know what that is, but it was not good. It was the most confusing and horrible month I have ever lived though. Very lonely, very dark, very depressing; but I refused to give up and move back to New Plymouth. I was going to fight though it, and that I did. Sheree moved to Hamilton to help support me and we both began forming a plan for our future. The stable environment and role models around me, had vanished. I began another relationship with a student from school, and became the Fairfield College Film/TV Representative. Flew to Christchurch to attend Beyond The Camera 30.
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Ahh Hamiltons a Blast

by Kyle

Righto so tonight I found out I can be horrid to shop with – sometimes.
The problem was tonight I was freaking out because I lost track of how much I had clocked up while shopping and wasn’t sure if I could afford it. Then I realised I didn’t have everything I needed and got all confused and annoyed and bah. It was not fun. But luckily for me, Paul was very helpful and we ended up going around and adding up prices so I felt better and yay. I guess the moral of this story is you really do need to Shop Smarter.

I’m looking forward to going to the ball this weekend with my bestie, Sigourney. I hang with her a lot in and out of school (I have a smaller selection of friends at school these days but that doesn’t bother me, I’m cool). It’s going to be my first ball ever so it’s very exciting for me =)

My 18th! Haha it’s coming very soon, and ahh! It means my restricted license, it means studylink (finanical assistance which will be an amazing help as it’s not easy living away from home), it means CLUBBING and it will feel like a huge weight off my shoulders. And I can’t wait for my party on the 24th, that will be so exciting. I’m having my big shindig down in the good old Naki, and the cool thing is I’ve invited a lot of people from my past as well as people I still know well so I can reconnect with everyone and be with my family at the same time.

So there’s a lot of exciting stuff happening for me right now. I love my current independence, my job with Countdown and the union, my relationship and my amazing friends who I couldn’t live without (special mention Brialee and Sigourney).

Oooh, also coming up is Union Training (tomorrow and Friday), Kiwihost (Some kind of Gateway students course), and TOPS course (Lotto Qualification). I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned or not, but I finally got my certificate from the Open Polytechnic for my Certificate in Customer Relations that I studied last year. I’m not working on my Certificate in Supermarket Retail (Stage 1) though the Retail Institute. By the end of 2010, I should have a few more certificates/qualifications to add to my CV so yay =)

Anyway, I miss you New Plymouth. I miss my family, my amazing friends (I miss my group at school! Fairfield is lonley lol) and I miss Countdown The Valley. But I’ll be back soon =)

Aotearoa Sounds Good

by Kyle

I’m often impressed by kiwi music that drifts my way from television and film. It’s a delight discovering a smooth new track that you haven’t heard before, and the most recent tune I’ve heard is the one used for TVNZ Heartland, “Aotearoa” by Minut:

I love it when I come across a really neat song, that turns out to be kiwi. I have discovered there are so many good New Zealand music tracks out there, the only problem is not many people have heard about them! So I found myself really thankful when two soundtracks of 100% kiwi music were released by the makers of Outrageous Fortune, because it was fantastic exposure for not only the track, but the artists as well. I hope they release a third soundtrack for the last two seasons (5 & 6) sometime this year.

But yeah. I got in contact with TVNZ about the song they used on Heartland and there it is; I really like it! I’m going to have to itunes it I think. The launch party was good, I had some insightful chats with some of New Zealand’s most respected television executives and personalities, and I’m looking forward to seeing the results from that sometime soon!

Life is great right now, btw. Work is going smoothly, but I’l admit I have a lot of catching up to do at school. I’m quite behind, but I’ll deal with that. It’s the school ball next weekend and i’m a bit nervous because I’ve never been to one before. NPBHS’s ball was only for Year 13’s, so naturally I’ve never been!

It’s freezing up here in Hamilton and raining almost everyday, so it’s hard to get any washing done!
Once apon a time, when Mum or Dad would bring home “Home Brand” or “Budget” food, I would screw up my nose and refuse to eat it. Yes I was a fussy little shit, but my main reason for not waiting to eat the cheap stuff was because it was either made in China, or because it was just plain bad (and that includes packaging). Now I’ve found myself buying some “Home Brand” products, especially since they have just refreshed their packaging:

So yeah. In general, everything is great and I’m looking forward to my 18TH BIRTHDAY next month =D =D
Until next time,

Kyle =D

Shower Thinking.

by Kyle

I have come to the conclusion that the best blog posts come from within showers.
Seriously. Don’t you just find yourself thinking up the best and most thoughtful ideas when you are in the shower? I do that every single time so I’m thinking, next time I want to write a good meaningful post I’ll shower first.

Anyway, right now I’m in New Plymouth and it is cold deluxe. It’s freezing. Luckily I found my slippers at the back of my closet. It’s funny what I managed to find in there over the weekend. I’m lugging more junk back to Hamilton with me tomorrow. But I’m not staying; I’ll be heading up to Auckland after work because on Tuesday I’m going to be attending the channel launch of TVNZ Heartland! Very exciting stuff, I can’t wait. I love the fact that I’m back in the TV game. Now I’m settled in Hamilton again, I’ll be able to focus harder than ever.

That reminds me, I am not a fun of the bus. I took the Bus to New Plymouth last Friday and I certainly  did not enjoy the experience! I had a woman behind me chewing gum right into my ear, the bus was tiny (more of a van), my legs were burning with some weird heat source and when that went, I was freezing because the Air Con was stuck on above my seat; it was dreadful. But I got here in the end so phew.

Now recently I went though some shit in Hamilton – as a result I am no longer living in Rototuna so you’ll need to ask me for the new address. I’ve also got a second blog that I write everything on – it’s not public, and you’ll never see it. But I’m saying this because it’s a very handy way to deal with stress and just pathetic dramas. I write down everything on that blog and I feel much better afterwards – in the future, i’ll be able to go back though it and just laugh. I actually think my life this year would make a brilliant movie. I may use it for a storyline one day, so it’s already copyrighted to me peoples. Speaking of, I’m hoping to get Pure Modesty 2 filmed sometime before August, which will be very cool because all of the content I had for “Milliwood” has been transfered to Pure Modesty so I’m very happy to keep that project going.

All in all, life is cold and dull but I’m still alive and kicking and it’s great =)

My Jobs.

by Kyle

I just want to say how much I LOVE my jobs!
If you don’t already know, here are my current positions:
1. National Distribution Union: Union Delegate (Progressive Enterprises)
2. Countdown Hamilton Central: Lotto Supervisor + Checkout Operator
3. New Plymouth Police: CBD Camera Operator

I love working at the Police station because it’s always fun to chill out when it’s not busy and then when something goes down the adrenaline rush is fantastic; tracking down someone in the city, calling for free units in the CBD, communicating between the bars/police etc it’s just so awesome. Even though it’s only once a month or so, it’s worth coming back to NP for.
I love working with the union as union delegate too – it’s such a cool responsibility and I love helping out people and standing up for their rights in the workplace. It’s made me realise how lucky we are in New Zealand, and how much work the union really does for YOU. This role is so flexable it’s just perfect =D
I love working with LOTTO at Countdown, doing all the required courses (TOPS), attending events (Roadshows) and again, that responsibility of handling money and cashing up is a big plus for me. Checkouts isn’t my favourite occupation I admit but I enjoy everything else that goes with it!

So there we go. I’m buzzing about just having worked at the NP Police – even though it was quiet, it was great to be back. In case you haven’t noticed, I am back in New Plymouth at the moment. I came back for my Police Shift and then on Monday I will be heading to auckland for a workshop and TVNZ event, so I am very excited about that too!

Life is good.

Kettle of Fish

by Kyle

Wow it’s been a long time since I posted here.
That’s because I’ve been going though SO many dramas – honestly I could become very rich if I turned them into a movie!
I’m still living in Hamilton, but in a different place and I love it! I’m enjoying life up here much more now and school is starting to pick up again which is great. I’m now Union Delegate for Countdown Hamilton which is exciting I love that job!

Next week I will be going to Auckland for the launch of TVNZ Heartland – a new local channel only avaliable on the SKY platform. I’m looking forward to visiting TVNZ again and meeting with people from the industry, it’s been awhile!
I don’t really have much to blog about at the moment, which is odd.

Facebook, Pedos and Alex

by Kyle

Well it’s the end of the first day for BTC30, and I’m currently sitting on a giant pink beanbag in Alex’s bedroom!
Today was interesting because it’s the only day that all of the BTC students are put into groups and rotated though four different workshops: Field (Cameras out of studio), Editing, Studio, Presenter’s Workshop. For our field item, our director decided to make a love story. But that soon changed into a creepy-pedo man stalking some girl sitting in the park. Because I had already agreed to act I played the role and it is probably the funniest BTC first-day field item ever haha, apparently I pull it off! So that either means my acting skills are remarkably good, or that I’m a creepy pedo. Ew haha

I also loved working in the studios today too, presenting two small shows and showing Alex the ropes – she even got in front of the camera! Haha what a shock tehe 😛
I’m at her place at the moment. Tomorrow we’re gong to work on a few different projects and maybe sneak into a presenting workshop that I’m dead keen to do!

Everything else in life is good. I’m in a new relationship and that’s fantastic, I can’t wait to get back to school again and I just feel like everything is perfect! Uh oh Shorty’s about to go to air and poor Alex can’t miss watching Adam Rickit, so we have to go now.

Cya =D

BTC 30

by Kyle

It’s finally here!
Beyond The Camera 30 is being held in Christchurch over a week starting tomorrow and I can’t wait to get there! If you don’t remember, BTC is a full-on film course for enthusiastic students  held at St Andrews College in Christchurch. With unlimited opportunities to work in any field (lighting/sound/acting/camera/producing/mixing), guest speakers and workshops, plus the chance to visit Whitebait’s Studios (think home of What Now), it’s the most hands on course offered to school students in NZ.

The course is around about $1500 and schools from around the country send (and pay for) students to attend – but not everyone gets in so I’m really lucky to be going this year! They usually hold two courses a year, one in April and the other in September, but there is only one this year. So this is my final opportunity to go =(

I’ll try and blog thoughout the week as to what I’m doing (no doubt I’ll be tweeting so keep an eye on @nztk). My XT phone is out of action as the battery has died so I am currently using another phone and number. If you need to contact me urgently, please contact my parents or Kim Millwood, Alex Albertson-Marino or me via Facebook.

I’m leaving for Auckland within an hour and fly out to Christchurch tomorrow morning – so I need to go and get my gear together! Am looking forward to blogging in more detail sometime over the next few days.

Cya later! =D