Newspapers & Online Articles

This section also includes articles from selected, public blogs.
News items are digital, with original scans and links attached where possible.

Teen’s TV catches big boys’ eye (Taranaki Daily News | January)
Pure Modesty roles (North Taranaki Midweek | May)
Teen blogger tells on his own school (Taranaki Daily News | August)
Boys’ High sticks to it’s guns over charity (Taranaki Daily News | August)
Clarity on charity (Taranaki Daily News | August)
The whiz kid (Taranaki Daily News | September)
Students farewell stand-in mother (Taranaki Daily News | September)

Taranaki Newspapers, 2008:
Students speak out for school (Taranaki Daily News | November)
‘Murder’ backing (North Taranaki Midweek | August)
Super sleuth solves Oriental St murder (North Taranaki Midweek | June)

NZ Herald, 2007:
Shortland Street finale leak ‘a publicity stunt’ (December)
Schoolboy cracks TVNZ’s web trial for ‘on-demand’ TV (March)

Other, 2007:
Beehive Chat (Maori Party | March)
Schoolboy gains easy access to TVNZ site (T.D.N, | March)
Press Release: TVNZ ondemand review (Throng | March)
TVNZ ondemand sneak peek (Cre8d Design Blog | March)
Security SOS: How safe is your business? (New Zealand Management | April)

Taranaki Daily News (T.D.N), Pre-2007
Parents doubt Bebo site while their kids defend it (2006)
Bright Lights (2005)
Concert with clear vision Photo only (2005)
Taking the plunge for fun (2000)
Denis is tripping the light fantastic Photo only ( 1998 )

Sunday Star Times article (April 2007)
Other public blog articles (which can be found on the internet)