Road to Recovery

by Kyle

Hello, World.

I guess this is another one of those moments where I have reflected on my previous blogging and gotten jealous.
I used to be so creative, so involved with media! It’s sad looking back but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be exciting looking forward.
Hello, I’m Kyle and I’m now 19. I’ve lived in Hamilton, NZ for the last two years and have now returned home to New Plymouth.

I’ve decided that I want to start blogging again; there’s something relaxing about writing your thoughts in a blog. I’m not really a “secret diary” kind of guy, haha. I’ve stripped away the colours, fancy titles and graphics, sidebars and other distractions from the site so it’s plan and simple, black & white blog. Soothing 🙂

So what have I been doing! Well I’m about to hit 17 months in a relationship, to my handsome man Glyn. We’re engaged as usual! He’s still living in Hamilton, working at SKYCITY as a bartender and a very talented one at that. I finally got promoted within Woolworths Limited and supervise at Countdown. I got a job at Countdown Te Rapa before transferring to Countdown Central NP.

So what’s next? Well next year I’m going to finally do my diploma in Journalism. Glyn’s going to move down and also study, but not until July. I hope to build on my experience in media (this year I worked at TVNZ), and cheer up a little.

It’s almost Christmas. My favourite time of the year.