Meet Kyle.

by Kyle

Hey – I am Kyle and I’m 18.
I figured I should reintroduce myself. I’m a guy living in New Zealand, in two different cities actually. New Plymouth and Hamilton. New Plymouth’s where my family are, but Hamilton is where my school and partner are. Both places have pros and cons, but I have the most amazing friends in the world scattered all over the country. I’ve decided not to have best friends, because I don’t like saying some people are better than others. That also means I don’t have a single best friend either – weird? Not totally, I mean the “besties” help make up my amazing friends but they’re also my people, who I love very much. I’ve been involved with the TV industry here in NZ a little, it’s something I feel very passionate about. I love acting and I have an agent, yay! =)
I love using emoticons in chat and text and I say yay alot. Just putting that out there. I fight for what is right. So if you’re school is taking cuts out of fundraiser money, your workplace is trating staff unfairly, your teacher is screwing you over or your workplace is blinding you, then I want to know about it. I guess thats how I became a Union Delegate for Countdown Hamilton and began working for the union.
I haven’t watched Shortland Street in awhile, but I love Outrageous Fortune on TV3. I don’t think the latest season is really fantastic, but I love the show anyway. The American version, Scoundrels is also pretty fly haha xD
Favourite food? I’m not even sure myself, but sushi is great.
Favourite colour? Red or blue. Mmm yes yes.
Favourite band/artist? I don’t have one, but Britney’s hot.

But yeah. This is my re-introduction to blogging. I’ve had the most bizarre and rocky adventure yet, and since I figure life is full of drama, I should probably blog about it!