“What does it really mean?”

by Kyle

Relationships. I know, a very touchy subject for most people.
They can make you feel so, so happy but also very, very low. You can be soaring one minute and buried the next; they are unpredictable and they seem to hurt when you screw them up.

I recently ended a 6-month relationship, and I’m feeling really good. I’m not qualified to give relationship advice, but one thing I have learnt is that if you don’t feel good, if you’re not happy, then you should get out. Why drag yourself though pain when it’s not necessary? I was surprised to feel fantastic, lighter and much happier after breaking up about a week ago. I feel so good =D
The only thing I have truly felt miserable about is the thought of going back to New Plymouth and leaving behind such great people.

I am going to really miss the brilliant and amazing people of Hamilton. The best thing I am taking away with me, are the friendships I have made and the confidence and skills I have gained. LOTTO training, Union Delegate training, KIWIHOST training; it’s all been good. My photos with Sam is Psychology, random chats with Logie, film-club organisationalness with Logan, breakfasts with Sigourney and everyone else I just don’t know how I’ll cope without you ALL! It’s going to be weird.

I do hope to come back within two months, but we’ll see.