My Adventure

by Kyle

My adventure in Hamilton is coming to an end, and what a dramatic year it has been so far!

Janurary 1st, I visited Hamilton for the very first time. It was only intended to be a holiday for a weekend, but that weekend soon extended into two weeks and within that time, I was convinced that Hamilton was where my future lay. I accepted an offer to move away from New Plymouth and live with a school teacher, away from friends, family, school and work. Leaving Countdown behind was a hard decision!

February,  I began attending Fairfield College. Very different from the rich and traditional New Plymouth Boys’ High School, the college was co-educational, non-uniform, with a colourful mix of students. I also began working at Foodtown. A small, run-down and dark supermarket, it took me awhile to adjust after working in the huge and modern Countdown The Valley in New Plymouth.

April, my 3-month relationship ended and all of a sudden, I also needed to find a new place to live and other “things” began to happen to me. Some of you know what that is, but it was not good. It was the most confusing and horrible month I have ever lived though. Very lonely, very dark, very depressing; but I refused to give up and move back to New Plymouth. I was going to fight though it, and that I did. Sheree moved to Hamilton to help support me and we both began forming a plan for our future. The stable environment and role models around me, had vanished. I began another relationship with a student from school, and became the Fairfield College Film/TV Representative. Flew to Christchurch to attend Beyond The Camera 30.

May, I was still living with the school teacher and her children. Sheree was sharing my room as we made plans to flat elsewhere and we supported each other.  But an attempted suicide attempt and a very depressed and suicidal friend almost pushed me over the edge, Mum & Dad travelled up to Hamilton the same day I told them what was going on and they ended up moving me out of the teacher’s home, and back to New Plymouth. I stayed for a week before returning to Hamilton, but I do believe they saved me from mental insanity.
To protect Sheree from what was going on, we contacted her parents to take her home also. She ended up moving back to New Plymouth. My second relationship ended as my head got too crowded with sucides and dramas and I fell very behind with schoolwork. I ended up resuming my first relationship and moved in with my partner after returning to Hamilton. The upside: I got voted in as Union Delegate for Countdown Hamilton Central (Formally Foodtown), and formed the Fairfield College Film Club.

June, I tried hard to catch up with school, but began falling out with people at school and was experiencing serious effects after the last few months. Missing home lots, becoming frustrated at a disgusting and evil situation with a former hamilton friend/role-model and the lies and manipulation that went with it, everyday I asked myself what I was doing. I ended up making up with friends, relationship felt stable and work was going okay. My job as Union Delegate became bigger as I started working in other stores. Had Union Delegate training and competed a LOTTO TOPS course. Went to the Fairfield College ball with Sigourney and life was perfect once again.

July, I continued to feel that homesickness and realised how unhappy I really was in Hamilton. I began reassessing my situation; I loved Fairfield College but disliked working in such a small supermarket and my relationship was not working out. I moved out a week before ending the relationship and deciding to move back to New Plymouth. Staying with cousins, I felt free and the thought of returning home to my old job, family and friends just completely healed any horific feelings I still had from the course of the year. Within days I had planned my return to New Plymouth, and this is where I am now.

I have three whole days left in Hamilton and while that is just a recap in a nutshell, the drama I went though was just extreme and I will make a film out of it all one day! I grew as a person, learning more about myself and who I am. I gained some significant roles (Film Club Leader/Rep, Union Delegate) and did some amazing things. And I truly feel that it is time for me to now return back home, to embark on my next adventure. To everyone who has been with me so far, thank you.

Who knows where I’ll end up next? But the friends I have made and the lessions I have learnt are ones I will never forget. I wouldn’t change a thing.