Shower Thinking.

by Kyle

I have come to the conclusion that the best blog posts come from within showers.
Seriously. Don’t you just find yourself thinking up the best and most thoughtful ideas when you are in the shower? I do that every single time so I’m thinking, next time I want to write a good meaningful post I’ll shower first.

Anyway, right now I’m in New Plymouth and it is cold deluxe. It’s freezing. Luckily I found my slippers at the back of my closet. It’s funny what I managed to find in there over the weekend. I’m lugging more junk back to Hamilton with me tomorrow. But I’m not staying; I’ll be heading up to Auckland after work because on Tuesday I’m going to be attending the channel launch of TVNZ Heartland! Very exciting stuff, I can’t wait. I love the fact that I’m back in the TV game. Now I’m settled in Hamilton again, I’ll be able to focus harder than ever.

That reminds me, I am not a fun of the bus. I took the Bus to New Plymouth last Friday and I certainly  did not enjoy the experience! I had a woman behind me chewing gum right into my ear, the bus was tiny (more of a van), my legs were burning with some weird heat source and when that went, I was freezing because the Air Con was stuck on above my seat; it was dreadful. But I got here in the end so phew.

Now recently I went though some shit in Hamilton – as a result I am no longer living in Rototuna so you’ll need to ask me for the new address. I’ve also got a second blog that I write everything on – it’s not public, and you’ll never see it. But I’m saying this because it’s a very handy way to deal with stress and just pathetic dramas. I write down everything on that blog and I feel much better afterwards – in the future, i’ll be able to go back though it and just laugh. I actually think my life this year would make a brilliant movie. I may use it for a storyline one day, so it’s already copyrighted to me peoples. Speaking of, I’m hoping to get Pure Modesty 2 filmed sometime before August, which will be very cool because all of the content I had for “Milliwood” has been transfered to Pure Modesty so I’m very happy to keep that project going.

All in all, life is cold and dull but I’m still alive and kicking and it’s great =)