Facebook, Pedos and Alex

by Kyle

Well it’s the end of the first day for BTC30, and I’m currently sitting on a giant pink beanbag in Alex’s bedroom!
Today was interesting because it’s the only day that all of the BTC students are put into groups and rotated though four different workshops: Field (Cameras out of studio), Editing, Studio, Presenter’s Workshop. For our field item, our director decided to make a love story. But that soon changed into a creepy-pedo man stalking some girl sitting in the park. Because I had already agreed to act I played the role and it is probably the funniest BTC first-day field item ever haha, apparently I pull it off! So that either means my acting skills are remarkably good, or that I’m a creepy pedo. Ew haha

I also loved working in the studios today too, presenting two small shows and showing Alex the ropes – she even got in front of the camera! Haha what a shock tehe 😛
I’m at her place at the moment. Tomorrow we’re gong to work on a few different projects and maybe sneak into a presenting workshop that I’m dead keen to do!

Everything else in life is good. I’m in a new relationship and that’s fantastic, I can’t wait to get back to school again and I just feel like everything is perfect! Uh oh Shorty’s about to go to air and poor Alex can’t miss watching Adam Rickit, so we have to go now.

Cya =D