BTC 30

by Kyle

It’s finally here!
Beyond The Camera 30 is being held in Christchurch over a week starting tomorrow and I can’t wait to get there! If you don’t remember, BTC is a full-on film course for enthusiastic students  held at St Andrews College in Christchurch. With unlimited opportunities to work in any field (lighting/sound/acting/camera/producing/mixing), guest speakers and workshops, plus the chance to visit Whitebait’s Studios (think home of What Now), it’s the most hands on course offered to school students in NZ.

The course is around about $1500 and schools from around the country send (and pay for) students to attend – but not everyone gets in so I’m really lucky to be going this year! They usually hold two courses a year, one in April and the other in September, but there is only one this year. So this is my final opportunity to go =(

I’ll try and blog thoughout the week as to what I’m doing (no doubt I’ll be tweeting so keep an eye on @nztk). My XT phone is out of action as the battery has died so I am currently using another phone and number. If you need to contact me urgently, please contact my parents or Kim Millwood, Alex Albertson-Marino or me via Facebook.

I’m leaving for Auckland within an hour and fly out to Christchurch tomorrow morning – so I need to go and get my gear together! Am looking forward to blogging in more detail sometime over the next few days.

Cya later! =D