Even though I’m blue . . .

by Kyle

Yay for Easter and Holidays and Friends and Family and Christchurch!
Nay for Relationship Breakups, Faulty Phone Batteries and Dark Weather.

One thing I’ve found, is that there are two sides to everything. There’s a positive, and then a negative. When it’s good you just glide though life, swooping over the problems and you just feel like everything has fit into place. When it’s bad, you just fall and your overcrowded head spins and you feel like nothing is going to get you out of it.
I’ve been here and there and everywhere in between. But life goes on so the logical solution is to get over it! Which is exactly what I’ve done and I feel great. My relationship with Paul ended late on Thursday night. I was fine as I processed that until yesterday (Friday) afternoon, when I did break. I flew though all the breakup stages yesterday, and then last night came the acceptance and that’s where I’ve been ever since. So I’m doing great =)

Let’s get a positive – it’s Easter and my family are here! Mum couldn’t come up because of her back injury, but my amazing cousin Sheryl, and then Dad with my brothers Jeremy and Jamie have come up so I love it! Perfect timing too. We’re just having quality time together and it’s just what I needed!

My phone battery has actually died and won’t charge – so no more XT for me! Message me for my temporary mobile number as I’m back to using a brick from Intermediate School. Ugh! Telecom said it’d be cheaper if I just brought a new battery because the repair place will just say it’s water damage. Hm!

Christchurch is a week away today! I’m so excited to be going on this course, and as the Fairlycol students know, I’m even more excited for my name badge 😛

What else? My asthma has kicked in big time so I didn’t go to work today, and now I’m being called into a meeting on Monday. I’m going to wait and see what happens with that. Hm. The weather’s been really cold recently too – I hate the fact daylight savings is about to end!

Have a great easter (and holidays if you’re at school) and thanks so much for your support over the last few days. You are all so incredible and I can’t believe so many people care =)