Three Months in Hamilton

by Kyle

Tomorrow marks three months since I moved to Hamilton!
It’s a weird feeling because it feels like I have lived here for much longer than that, but it also feels like I only left New Plymouth yesterday. I did plan on going back over the school holidays but I have so much going on (and plus I couldn’t get time off work) so I’ll try to make it another time! But happy birthday to both Dad and Jeremy who will be celebrating their birthdays during April – yay =)

I’ve been working slowly on a new film project called Milliwood. It’s based on Kim (my flatmate) who is just the funniest person ever. I’ve got everyone sorted I just need to sit down with Kim and go over a plan for maybe three episodes? I think that’s enough for a TuiKiwi Production series anyway. In any case, it’s going to be FANTASTIC! I still want to do another episode of Pure Modesty too.

Oooh – Dad just texted me this morning saying there was a package waiting for me at the school office. My first thought was “Did he mean to send this to Jeremy?” because Mum & Dad aren’t linked to my school file here (well they are now as I did it today), so they wouldn’t know if there was something here for me! Then I thought Dad sent something to the school. Turns out, he was actually waiting there for me! That was a awesome surprise!! We went for a drive to my place and then to Chartwell to grab some lunch. It was a short meeting – but it was so good to see Dad again =)

School’s going well. I’ve got this media assignment which is putting a bit of pressure on me but I’ve got until Term 2 so I’m not panicing – yet. English is good and I’m enjoying Legal Studies and Psychology – and speaking of, I have an assessment for that tomorrow! Hm. I was up until 2am with Kim studying for that!
Despite thinking Fairfield College would be a rough school (granted the school does not have the resources and money NPBHS does), I’ve learnt a lot from the teachers who are so down to earth and I’m in with a great bunch of students! Sigourney is one of my best friends here and I will have to post a photo of us on here sometime! Have to make special mentions here of Logie, Logan and Kath too 😛

Anyway, I’m at school now so should go and do somework! Make sure you add me on Facebook (if you know me personally) and/or follow my twitter account: nztk is my username.

Cya! =D