Happy St Patricks Day!

by Kyle

It’s the 17th of march 2010 – St Patricks Day!
Things are going well here in Hamilton. I’m working on a new production called Milliwood – which I can’t wait to start filming but I have to admit there are some things that are just strange because none of my usual crew are here! No Dad, no Sheree, no Ryan, no Jamie – but Ethan Wilkins (who I worked with at Zieland and on Pure Modesty) is keen to come down from Auckland to be our camera man which will be awesome! But it is weird not having those people around anymore. When I return to New Plymouth, I’m hoping we’ll be back together to film Pure Modesty 2 which will be quite exciting =D

I just handed over my NPBHS Gateway file (which has CV, news articles, STAR courses I did etc) to Fairfield College Gateway – and wow they were impressed! I was just asked to sign the secretery’s diary haha!

At the moment, I’m in the process of setting up a youth blog with the head boy of the school. It’s a really cool project which I’ll be able to tell you more about later on, but it’s got me back into blogging which is good! Everything’s setteled down which is good and i have more time for this sort of thing. Plus Dad keeps bugging me to blog 😛

As the bell’s about to go, I need to head out but I should be back within the next few days =D