Everything is never as it seems

by Kyle

Welcome to 2010! haha!
I can feel already that this is going to be a great year. My agent is now representing me as an adult actor which exposes me to a larger pool of casting directors and productions. Love it! Christmas was nice, Mum & Dad loved their present! I didn’t want to get something that meant nothing or something that was just picked up off a shelf. So I created a book with Blurb.com that was like a journal of my life so far. News articles, images, stories I’ve written and some facts about me were all complied into the 40 page hardcover book which a lot of people have been impressed by! Im so glad I did it, they really liked it.

At the moment I’m staying with the Millwood family in Hamilton. Kim invited me to stay with them so I have since the 1st of Jan and I love it up here. I was really sick last week which meant I lost a lot of work but I don’t want to go into that. I’ve had such a blast up here! There’s even a nice sexy Countdown down the road – I might take a photo later 😉
It’s just me and Cadell here at the moment as everyone else is sleeping or working, but the Cat is glaring at me from the windowsil. I went to Spookers in Auckland and have seen half a doz movies already and I TOTALLY RECOMEND Paranormal Activity. Omg amazing film. I think the fact that it was presented as a home movie is what got me – and I’ve done some reading up about the movie on Wikipedia which has been interesting.

I did head home yesterday (Monday) because I had work but ended up coming back here afterwards! LOL but totally loving it. It’s such a nice break away from family and New Plymouth.

Anyway, that’s pretty much all thats going on. I’m not even worried about NCEA results due out very soon…..