This is what I want to do.

by Kyle

I’ve been thinking about this a lot. And I know I ramble on about finally finishing and releasing Pure Modesty, but I am never actually satisfied with it. I just think it could be better.

I can’t do any better with any film project unless I do get a better camera. There’s just no way it works at the moment and thats why I am scrapping all the footage that we have already filmed for PM. The episodes will not be released. It’s just not worth it (and the quality is terrible).

If I can get a HD camera for christmas, or put into other words, have one for in January, then I will be jumping straight back into making films. I want to really make something that is clear, (dare I say it) classy and well polished. I don’t want low standards and I cannot see a future with the current 13-year old camera. Which is fair enough!

If I don’t get one for January (which is the only month of the year I can do a mass amount of film work), then film/TV will go on hold for a long time as I focus solely on Journalism.

So yeah.