It’s late.

by Kyle

For the record (well those who require it) i’m not talking periods.
I’m talking time wise. It’s 2.09am, Thursday 19 November. And there’s a chance that Ms Scott (esc) will shoot me when she realises what is set to go down at 9.30am this morning; NCEA Level 2 English exams!

Oh I am crazy. Yes I’ve stayed up revising. I know I know, last minute and all but for some strange reason, I find it somewhat satisfying to study the day/night before. I’m more…motovated. I have studied during the last few weeks of course but tonight was much more in detail. Just like yesterday morning; Jamie turned up at 9am sharp to kick me out of bed to revise for the biology exam I had later in the afternoon. And that was the best thing that could have happened, because I remembered a lot of stuff that we revised compared to what I did remember from previous revision periods! If that makes sense….but good on ya Jamie.

So I’ve covered everything in English over the last six hours. And I’ll be up at 8 (hey I need sleep too) to do a bit more before the examination at 9.30. And then school can be forgotten for ten weeks or so as it’s my last exam. I’m no Dux, but I do get the work done.

Anyway. Night. And good luck if you are doing the same exam.