School 2009 – over

by Kyle

I don’t know what it was, but there was something sad about finishing school this year. I’m not leaving or anything, but there was just something that made it seem sadder than last year! Maybe it’s because we’re one step closer to the real word? Our final year at school?

Or maybe it was because i’ve finished Home Economics forever. That sucks – the teachers decided not to go ahead with a year 13 course because not enough students do the course. But it wasn’t until the final day that they realised all of their year 12 students would have really been keen on continuing the subject! Oh well. It was sad anyways.

There’s some really cool stuff happening at school next year. We’re having a stage production with Girl’s High school, we got a new head boy (I was never a fan of Tennant) and well, it’s the final year! It’s funny when I see Mr. Mac around school, because he’s always like “Make sure you add this good news on your blog” hahaha. It’s going to be our inside joke forever! Im cool with that though.

There’s a guy at our school who got appointed in a high position – he can be very indulged in his own self-importance and this was clearly demonstrated last night. Sometimes I just want to remind him that if someone else ran for the position, he wouldn’t have gotten it (as he got it by defult; no one else ran). It kinda annoys me, the type of person who is power-hungry and sees them self as the sort of person that other’s can’t live without. The type of person who literally push politics + religion down your throat and their option must be honoured as it is always right. Sorry but I really had to get that off my chest.

Umm what else? NCEA exams start next week (and finish for me next week) which is…..well I don’t know what it is, but I can’t wait until they’re over! I’ve already passed Level 2 though. Just need to get credits for English and Biology so I can take them next year.

But enough about school – Pure Modesty Episodes 3 + 4 are being filmed this and next month! Very expensive episodes too. Episode 4 will be the Series 1 finale. Yeah it’s short – but you’ll see why. I’m working on filming them in HD. Special guests in these episodes include past + present teachers from NPBHS.

Here are some caps from me in the Jaquie Brown Diaries a few weeks ago:

Jaquie + Kyle

Kyle + Rhys Darby