Talkative much? Not really

by Kyle

Right now, I don’t have much to say.
It’s kinda that time of the year when we’re all suppoed to be revising and preparing for exams. I only have two exams coming up, English and Biology. Mocks were a bit of a wake up call and I’m working hard on both subjects to get even better grades than Achieved. Which is good – but I haven’t been revising as much as I should be. I mean, I have to work. I need to have some “me” time where I can just forget about the moral highground and do what I feel like – just relax!

About a week ago I cooked for Jessie & the family – Vegeterian Lasagna. There are no veges, it’s pretty much just sauce, cheese and pasta. But it’s very, very nice! Cooked it in Home Economics at school as part of my assessment. I don’t know if I’ve passed that yet.

I have more raving to do about Telecom. Sorry, but they seem to be doing a lot right at the moment (All I care about is branding and texting.) and today a revised text plan was leaked. Currently, I pay $18 a month to text any network, up to 1500 texts. This new plan costs $12 and is UNLIMITED texts to any network (fair use policy applies). WOW. That’s what the original $10 TXT plan was like! I can’t wait =D

So right. I’m going to go down a glass of L&P with Ginger and relax before school starts in the morning.
Catch ya later.