Outrageous Discussion

by Kyle

I’m a contributor to the Outrageous Fortune forum for awhile now, and I’ve been following a thread (which is about the Series 5 DVD) and I noticed my name was being thrown around a bit!
Looking closer, it appears that Antony Starr (Van/Jethro West) mentions “TuiKiwi” during the Episode 11 commentary!

How cool is that?!

I haven’t been able to buy the DVD yet so I haven’t “heard” it for myself, but it’s pretty awesome that the stars of the show know who I am! Other examples include Antonia Prebble (Loretta West) knows about TuiKiwi, and Craig Hall (Nicky Greegan), who “starred” with the TUIKIWI Beer can in Series 4!
I talked to Antonia last weekend at the Sione’s Wedding screening and Craig at the Show of Hands premiere last December.

One of the producers for Outrageous Fortune (and the Head of Drama for South Pacific Pictures) Simon Bennett had this to say:

Tuikiwi has had a beer brand on OF named after after him! He’s become a kind of brand in his own right!

Thanks Simon! I was stoked to read that comment!!! 😀

Here’s a link to the webpage =]