Online Friends

by Kyle

When I’d read about “online friends” or “communities” I would always shrug and just say “meh, it’s not real, get a life, whatever” and have weird feelings about it. Geek and nerd were some words that came to mind and I just didn’t like the idea of it at all. And it’s weird because for the last five years I have belonged to forum sites run by Rachel & Regan Cunliffe – Idolblog, Street Talk and Throng. Three communities with one common interest; television. And it was though those sites that TuiKiwi became known to people such as TV producers (Rude Awakenings, Outrageous Fortune, TVNZ come to mind) and I found myself suddenly linked with people who were working in the industry and had noticed my posts. And over the last few years I’ve made some good friends on there and it feels weird saying that because I don’t see them as “online buddies”. When I think that, I think “online dating” which is a concept that scares me a bit but I won’t go into that. But the point is, I have made some really good friends who I will stay in contact with, despite Street Talk’s closure.

Yeah. Street Talk closed – it was a Shortland Street forum but the difference was it wasn’t one of those lame, cheap and nasty forums you find everywhere. It was a forum linked to the series in the ways of cast interviews, discussions, suggestions, the odd-spoiler or two and one of the directors of the show was a member and sometimes answered questions that members had about the show. A neat little community – in fact it was because of Street Talk that Oriental Street Murder and Tracey’s Back came about. The site closed suddenly because there were too many dramas that the owners didn’t want to deal with. So I really hope the drama-causers actually realise that they have destroyed a fanbase for the show, a community, and also a potential way of gathering information about what people are actually thinking about the show. I suppose they weren’t happy that people were getting bored with Shortland Street. But it is a massive shame.

There we go. A whole community broken up because they didn’t like it. Unbelievable.

There’s a bit of a meetup in Auckland this weekend for the Street Talkers. Some of the Shortland Street cast are attending, and for me it’s another prime chance to network and meet up with some friends (who I do actually know and haven’t seen for a short while). It will be the last visit to Auckland this year and a big thanks to Dad who has obviously sacrificed something in order for me to be there. So huge thanks for that.

In other unrelated stuff:

Damn. My iPod Touch screen moves.
First, I noticed the bottom corner “pushed in”. Now the whole bottom of the surface “pushes in” to the unit. Not happy, so I’ll take it back to DSE tomorrow. I was afraid I was using it too much or something but according to this website, it is a rare issue in iPods. So hmmm, I hope I get a replacement. Not a fix-job, because I can’t live without that thing now! It’s just so cool!

I’m getting stuck into revision for mock exams, starting Thursday. I have a lot of work to do for English and Biology, let me tell you! I’ll pass Legal Studies. It’s all good there and I havent’ failed a single thing there =D

HUGE thanks to Damo – hahaha he was pissed at the music I had on my ipod (not good enough apparently) so he went and changed it all and I have to say it’s pretty rockin’ now haha =]

Jessie came along over the weekend and we had a really good time. Thanks heaps for coming – ily ❤

Right. That’s it for tonight. Another BTC post will come later…and here’s another reminder that will expire on the 24th. Thanks to those who have emailed me for the new link. I’m looking forward to being able to comment without being sensored by others.