Kyle’s Blog closes October 24, 2009

by Kyle

On the 24th of October, you will no longer be able to access my blog by going to; it will redirect to

This isn’t the end of my blogging career – this blog will continue at a different location because I want to be able to write whatever I like and celebrate my freedom of speech without being moderated by others.

Flick me an email at for the new address if you want to continue following my adventures to fame haha! Otherwise, visit TUIKIWI Productions periodically to check out what my latest film project is.

For the last 15 days, I’ve renamed my blog temporarly “wadzie” – my school nickname but also so it doesn’t seem as formal anymore. Out with PC crap. I’ve grown up and replaced some maturity with some balls! Now we just have to see where I can take it 😉

Thanks for following me over the last two years, it’s been great =]