I want it.

by Kyle

Sometimes you need to have that attitude.
You need to be persistant. You need to actually want things in this business to get them. And you need to tell people. Because if you believe you can just sit back, relax and be “discovered”, you need a serious wake up call. That’s not how it’s happened for me, and if I want to go further then I need to want to. And I do. And the difference between me and other people, is the fact that I’m honest about it and I’m not in it for the fame; it’s a business.

I need to get an HD camera. Dad broke ours a week ago, waving it around the place. Which isn’t really his fault, but I won’t go into that because it seems like I broke our digital camera. I’m not sure how, it just doesn’t work anymore. But that’s not as important as an HD video camera. There will be no more films from me if I don’t have a camera, and HD would be the most amazing thing. SO I’m going to save up and buy one. Then make incredible material! I can picture it now and I love it. Just imagine how much better my projects could be, if they were HD.

Hey that rhymed. Awesome, because I didn’t even plan that. And this has been one of those right-down-to-the-bone posts, which is good. It’s not sugar coated. Excellent.

I will be posting more about Christchurch soon – that first post was one I wrote previously on my iPod. I’ve uploaded some photos from the trip (878 currently sit on my mac) onto Facebook. Here’s the link if you’d like to take a look, because I’m not going to upload them all here that’s for sure!
Click here to see my Christchurch BTC 29 Photos via Facebook =]

Right. That’s me for tonight because work is calling at 10.30am. And so is revision, I really need to do that ae. Then work at The Daily News on Friday, before heading to Auckland for a fundraiser with stars from Shortland Street and Outrageous Fortune.

Goodnight all.

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