by Kyle

You know, whenever o think of a really good topic or idea to post about, I can never write it because I’m never near an Internet device. So I forgot this really good idea I had at school yesterday. Damn.
Heading to Christchurch this Sunday – wow if is going to be so amazing! Going to have a bit of a party on friday as everyone enjoys a good, fair boose up haha.
WITT was supposed to finish for me on Wednesday, but becaus the the tutors striked last week and we lost a lession, we are having a catchup on both Thursday and Friday. Yay.
Still loving my iPod touchie and MacBook – haven’t used a pc on ages now!
Today, I went out with a mate from work and had a ‘skux’ haircut hahahahH. it was awesome, then went shopping with Sade and then to hayleys play with Jessie. So it’s been a real busy day, and exams are fast approaching – ick