Wowza. Look at that

by Kyle

Bet you didn’t notice who wrote the article I posted before this – Students farewell stand-in mother was written by me and published in the Taranaki Daily News! I’m a real reporter now haha! It was pretty awesome waking up to that, and not only did Mrs. Moore get heaps of attention for that, the teachers loved the article and it was a great way to farewell her from the school. She’s an awesome teacher =D So proud of that article 😀

Another article that got heaps of attention was The whiz kid, published a week ago! Some guys at school had no idea I was doing all that stuff, and even to me it doesn’t seem like much….lol I walked into class and they clapped ^_^
Teachers thought it was an impressive article, and one did question why the school wasn’t shown positively. I had to explain the article was conducted a month before the actual school donation crap and plus the article wasn’t even about the school. They added a little paragraph in there which was taken from the articles on the school saga, it wasn’t fresh quotes.
And I don’t like how some teachers are saying “Oh but you hate the school”. It’s very unnerving, even if it is a joke.
At work, a customer went to a supervisor and put down a compliment about me! I’ve had a few of those…but in this case, they said “That boy in Lane 6 is very polite…” to which the supervisor replied “No, He’s a wizz kid” LOL! The story was the best thing that could have possibily happened all year =D

In two weeks I’m flying out to Christchurch with Ethan Wilkins, I can’t wait haha…..gonig to have a leaving party on the Friday before hand – any excuse for another party! So that will be awesome.
Pure Modesty episode 2 is finished. Working on episode 3 at the moment!

So watch this space. And don’t forget that will be offline next month from mid-October. There will be a new URL. =]

Just got a clear image of TUIKIWI Beer on Outrageous Fortune, Series 4 Episode 17:

"Outrageous" TUIKIWI Beer

TUIKIWI: Premium Quality - Outrageous Fortune, Series 4, Episode 17.