by Kyle

Look at that. I put my mind to it and found motovation! Filming is arranged for Episode 2 of Pure Modesty. Most of it is complete – but there are parts that aren’t and we’ll get a head start on that from Saturday. Usually I work all day Friday/Saturday/Sunday, so it took guts to take Saturday off (as Jessie will know – and everyone else that thinks I’m a workoholic).
For this episode, Jodi and Chad have gone up to Auckland to pick up the rest of the stuff they left there in a storage unit. Jodi bumps into an old friend and Chad detects trouble. Meanwhile, Rose is still back at home running her business, “Herbal Roses” and gets her weeds crossed.

There are less than 60 days left until expires! Next month, it will cease to exist at this address. I want to go back to a private blog as I’ve been stressing over the last few weeks. BUT my film blog, is not going away =]