by Kyle

Thinking does a lot. It lets your thoughts wonder though the positives and negatives of things, and there’s been a lot of negative stuff recently. So I feel like spotlighting the positive stuff!

During my last few months at Highlands Intermediate, I wanted to go to Spotswood College. Spotty is ages away from where I live, but I wanted to go there because I didn’t want things to change. Go from co-ed Highlands to non co-ed Boy’s High. But most of my mates were going to NPBHS and it was the closest option, so that’s where I ended up. Back then I also planned on leaving school at 16, hah! How things change. I reckon I’ve been really lucky at the school to be honest.
When I first went there, there was a overpowering culture of Rugby. When I first got there, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I knew it wasn’t going to be Rugby-related. So damn – I ruled myself out of having any of the “chances” offered at school. You always hear prefects and teachers rabbit on about how schools offer great “opportunities”, but I never believed this because you never heard about success stories that wern’t sport related.

So I got into Film/TV/Filming and all that jazz. Back then, there was no room for this at all. To this day, there is no real drama/media studies/film classes at the school and I’m disappointed that there won’t be during the remainder of my time there. I can see why I felt like I wasn’t going to benefit much from the school. I started filming my own projects and asked if I could film in the school, because the interior of one of the buildings was very hospital-like. Success! They let me have a few afternoons filming there and were very flexible to allow us to do our thing. I’ve always been grateful that we were able to film in the office areas – where there is confidential information, money and other valuables stored. That trust was very important and we upheld that, which is something I’m proud of! We later needed to film there again, and we had quite a few sessions, one on a natioal holiday! The school could have said “No, do it after school” or requested money. But they didn’t. And that was fantastic because if they hadn’t opened for us or let us film, Tracey’s Back would not have happened.

I was also really lucky to go to South Seas Film & TV School last year. Dad couldn’t afford to take me, so the school paid for food and petrol as well as the course. And it was amazing, I benefited a HUGE amount by being there!
I’ve been to four WITT courses, three in video and the current in Journalism. There are fees for each student per session, which the school has also paid for. Plus I can’t forget the upcoming trip to Broadcasting School in Christchurch. Guess who’s paying for the course, flights, food, accommodation and more? I’ve had such a huge amount of support from the school and for that I am super-grateful. These courses and things are chances I would never been able to have taken part in without some kind of assistance. And it makes me glad to have gone to Boys’ High School instead of Spotswood. I’m not lost there; I’m being pushed up into my career choice and that would not have happened elsewhere. So I am very grateful. The school is full of positive stuff, it’s just a shame you don’t hear about it as often.

Episode 2 of Pure Modesty has been edited and there is more filming for it taking place hopefully next weekend! It’s exciting stuff. I’ve been too busy and lazy to do anything with it and I’m glad I finally have!

Make sure you check out smartshopper.co.nz. You can see the TV ads for Countdown The Valley on there!

There are 57 days left until “kylesblog.co.nz” domain expires. Not a positive, but meh. I’m going to head to bed because I have work in the morning, but thanks for reading thus far =]