Getting slack…!!

by Kyle

Actually, slack isn’t really the word i’d use. Procrastinating is something I am a pro at doing these days when it comes to homework. It’s week 6 of Term 3, Exams are less than 10 weeks away. Well the mock exams anyway – bah. I don’t even like to think of it to be honest…like a few other students I’ve spoken to, there is no motovation for exams and assessments and all of that this year. I guess because we put so much effort in last year, we just can’t be bothered doing it all over again! So yeah, maybe slack is the word. Hmm

To do:
Continue filming/writing Pure Modesty.
-Continue filming TV commerical
-Complete Certificate in Customer Relations
-Complete radio course work
-Complete Countdown Level 2 Credits
-Complete Journalism story due this Wednesday.

I have to admit, I’m looking forward to having a private blog again. Then I’ll be able to write “so and so is being a cranky old bastard” and really be able to speak my mind without people getting annoyed and others wanting to moderate my content. It’ll be my thoughts and my thoughts exactly – right or wrong, I don’t care – and I am really, really looking forward to that.

What else is happening…OH! I brought a Sodastream machine from Woolworths. It’s really neat; I used to have a VERY old fashioned one when I was about 8 and it’s still around here somewhere. I loved it back then and I like it even more now – the syrup has less sugar than real fizz products (apparently) and it tastes nice; it’ll be cool to mix flavours and try wacky combonations. Hmm yeah, I might just do that.

Work is great – still working extra at the moment to raise that cash! Jessie complains I work too much which is probably true but I’m not overworked or anything so maybe it’s not. Shared a tin of fruit with Sade today; haha fun times.

Well it’s getting late and I seriously need an early night after chasing trollys all over the carpark tonight! See ya next time..