Right, I’ve made my decision.

by Kyle

I will continue with Pure Modesty. Right until the very end – which has already been penned and no one has any idea where the series is going to wind up. Except for me. Muhahaha. Yeah, Shortland Street now has a single mother of two prostitute, and I hope people can keep in mind that we released the series about a month ago and planned doing it in March. So there. Lol. Our storyline will be different…probably more raunchy than people expect.
Which has shocked a few people, I don’t think they were expecting how “different” this was actually going to be. It spread around the school like wildfire; Jamie’s being called a skux for almost getting in bed with Jodi, Ryan’s having to deny rumors that he smokes and I’m having to explain that I did not actually sleep with my Mum. Lol, but a huge number actually loved it and we’re going to continue with it.
Episode 2 is finished. I just need to get filming sorted out and then editing will start. It will hopefully be out next month, without the highly-controversial incestuous relationships! Haha =D