Clarity on charity

by Kyle

Thursday, August 13, 2009
Letters to the Editor | Taranaki Daily News

I’M WRITING in response to the article “Teen Blogger Tells On His Own School” as published in the Taranaki Daily News on August 11.

As a student on the council, we raised the debate earlier in the year that more [money] should be given to charity, but some seem adamant that most should stay for the school.
The statement made by (Boy’s High headmaster) Mr. McMenamin that it is a well-known policy that a percentage of funds raised are kept for sports teams was actually only mentioned by the head boy to the school at an assembly just the other day.
While the school is not holding a council meeting until next Thursday, I do find it especially low that Mr. McMenamin stated that the school only managed to raise $1000 from the mufti-day, when other mufti-days average around $1600.

I do believe that if it was made clearer where the money goes from mufti, then perhaps I would have agreed with Mr. McMenamin, instead of everyone else siding with Kyle.

Student Councilor, New Plymouth Boys’ High School.

Kyle’s Note: As this was published in today’s Taranaki Daily News and is a public letter, I have chosen to publish it here so others who have been following the story may also read his thoughts. I believe it is only fair people can read other people’s opinions and not just my own. Thank you.