Today was National Hoodie Day

by Kyle

Before you ask, I have removed all posts regarding the donation issues and the matter is closed. There were facts that were incorrect and I acknowledge and apologise about that; and I look forward to seeing change implemented as a result of the whole issue.

On to hoodie day; I went to WITT Journalism today and it was quite cool because there was a radio reporter there, waiting to ask us students what we thought of national hoodie day. Honestly, I didn’t think much at all and that’s what I said. Apparently it was aired on The Most FM at 5pm, so that’s nice. 😛

Moving on, I’ve received another email about the domain expiring. As I said less than a month ago, I won’t be renewing the web address “”. I will continue my blog, but at a much-less generic web address. I guess the reason why I abanonded the blog for most of this year was because of how it had such a “corperate” domain if you will.

Also, just a note considering there’s been a huge jump in comments on here; comments posted on posts here at are individual views from readers and are not necessarily the views of myself. The right to moderate and/or delete  is reserved.

I saw something incredible today; the phone box on coronation ave has had a whole side of it cracked; while I do not condone damage, it actually looks like a piece of art! There are hundreds of little cracks and the stickers that show though the glass combined with the shards create a really cool pattern! I took photos, lol. None of it actually smashed, but if someone were to slam the door shut I suppose it would all shatter to the ground. But it does look unique.

The Film/Television awards are coming up, but like the past two years, it doesn’t look like I’ll be going. Which is a shame because Show Of Hands (movie filmed in New Plymouth I was apart of) has been nominated for 3 awards.