Update on the NPBHS Telethon Ripoff

by Kyle

“Mufti day today for Kids Can Stand Tall Trust for Telethon bring along $2 to support this worthy cause”
-NPBHS Daily Notices 06/08/09

Funny how they were not “worthy” enough to recieve at least 1/4 of the money raised. Today I have spoken to many teachers and students about the mufti ripoff. If you don’t know what’s been happening; The above notice advertised a mufti day for 1300 students at $2 each to raise money for Kidscan. The notice gives the impression that all money is going to the “worthy cause”. There were a small number of students who were away/did not pay, so we’ll take away 100. 1200 x $2 each = over $2000.
What we can’t figure out is why the charity did not recieve a large portion of they money that was raised specifially for them.

Bruce Bayley emailed me this morning about the issue; he is the Assistant Prinicpal.


Please remember the school council has over 30 worthy causes coming to it each year requesting money. We allocate our funds to those which the student council see fit. I don’t Know the exact amount or the number of charities we give to, some we give a regular amount to such as the Fred Borrows campaign for children suffering from loss of sight in the third world plus Childhood cancer. We try to give to two organisations a term plus you have extra ordinary events like this coming through. We do also run the council for the distribution of funds back to the students through subsidies for sporting and cultural trips. This all adds up. I am happy for this to be aired at the next council meeting and will pass it on.

I wonder if worthy causes will still come to the school with requests when they discover that they only get a very, very small portion of the money? I think it is wrong for the school to say that they are holding a rundraiser for a chairty, and then keep such a large amount for themselves. I, like many teachers I have spoken to, are deeply against this.

No where in the above notice did it say that 4/5 of the money was being kept for the school to go to the council. That’s wrong and very false of the school.

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