Telethon Ripoff

by Kyle

This is just a quick post exposing NPBHS as a major-ripoff when it comes to fundraising.
Students were told that there was going to be a mufti day to raise money for the Telethon and Kidscan – $2 per student. Being 1300 students at New Plymouth Boys’ High School, thats talking a lot of cash! I remember talking to someone about it, and how I was looking forward to the school donating a mass-amount to such a good cause that wasn’t sport or IT or any crap like that.

Imagine my shock when head boy, William Tennent was on TV this morning, with a cheque for $500 for Telethon. They were all so happy to have raised such a “big” amount of money – what total bullshit.

Here’s what went down on air:

Jessie (Host): “Now william i think you’ve got something for us?”
William: “We’ve got a check here for $500 to the big night in!”
Jessie: So how did you guys raise; raise the funds?”
William: “Well we heard about the good cause so we thought we’d do our bit and raise a mufti day”

Do our bit? What a joke. The school would have raised at least $2000 (1300 students at $2 each) – yet only donated a very small amount of that money. So where the hell is the rest of it?! Kept as “administration costs”, “sport trips” or “upkeep of the school”?! Bullshit Boys High. When you are organising a FUNDRAISER, usually ALL the money raised goes to the bloody cause or charity!!

A friend of mine complained about this on Facebook, changing his status to:
“Boys High is a rip off out of around $2600 that we raised at mufti day on thursday for the telethon they only gave $500”

Student council member Matt commented:
Student Council money doesn’t raise itself guys.
WOAH. No way we students thought NPBHS planned on keeping such a large chunk of the cash! That is some serious misconduct there; again, you don’t plan a fundraiser and keep 3/4 of the cash!!

Hayley complains:
Why are The keeping the money for themselves?!?
What are they using the Money for?
Grr Not Pleased … even though I dont go to Boys High BUT still.

Mark also complained:
They could have at least donated half the money not 1/5 of it. Who made that desicion anyway?

Matt slinkily replies:
I guess the Student Council probably decides.

Not good enough. Not good enough at all – I hope the media rips into this because this is not acceptable.