When will it be…?

by Kyle

People have been asking me when I’m going to screen the next episode of Pure Modesty and in regards to that, I have some slightly bad news.

Nope, I’m not dropping it and everyone’s still keen to continue, but the only problem is the video camera. I seriously do not think it is going to manage with another episode and it may fall over at any stage – right now, it’s not actually recording properly (ie. skipping frames) so that’s a real danger.
Parts of Episode 2 have been filmed, but it’s not competed. It’s not finished; and I need to think of how I’m going to complete it. The quality is shocking, I know. I am saving up for a HD camera at the moment; it will be so, so great to shoot in sharp quality! But that might be a way off yet. So hmm.
It’s a rock and a hard place, really.

Today was my second day at the Taranaki Daily News. It went really well and I’m really enjoying the fast-pase of a newsroom! Maybe journalism is where I’m headed after all. You know what teenagers are like; can’t make up their minds and so on.

I’m going to be directing a commerical for Lifeline Taranaki; so I’m looking forward to that!! I’m not shooting with my equipment obveiously, haha, but it will still be fun to do.
And speaking of film, I’m really looking forward to going to Christchurch. The school is currently organising flights, etc and I’ve been checking out the website. It’s only a month away! Dates are September 27 – October 3rd and you can checkout more details at beyondthecamera.org.nz.

Got my Telethon t-shirt today – it’s great! The shirts are official shirts which will be worn by crew, and Mr. Vintage has been selling a limited number to the public. So if you want one…check them out too. It’s a great way to support the Telethon, with 100% of the shirt price going to KidsCan.

Don’t forget to watch the Telethon on TV3 this weekend from 7pm! Starts on Saturday and runs until 6pm Sunday. If you want to join in on the fun, and you’re in New Plymouth, rock on down to the TSB Showplace on Sunday from 9am.