The first Sunday of August

by Kyle

It’s 1.17am as I write this, the first Sunday of August.
Yes, alright whatever; I should be asleep as I have a 8/5 hour day tomorrow at work. But how can I sleep when the sounds of hyper-laughing children blast out from the lounge? It’s impossible. And it’s Jamie’s birthday sleepover. He actually turns another year older tomorrow, and crap I just realised I haven’t gotten him a birthday present yet! Oh that’s not good – Dad remind me please!

At the moment, I’m saving up for a HD camera and Macbook Pro. The macbook pro is important because it is designed for high-end work and video editing; they have the most powerful editing program ever; Final Cut Pro. it’s industry-standard and it’s what I know I need to get into if I’m going to get very far. A new camera is needed because our 11 year old one is almost about to retire it’s self. And if it does in the meantime; BAM there goes Pure Modesty. When I have both of these objects combined, I’ll finally be a serious filmmaker with powerful tools!

What else is going on? Well School’s in full swing as you probably know, and so is Gateway and my STAR journalism course. It’s all good; I’ve missed a few too many Legal Studies classes (it clashes with STAR sometimes) but I’m sure it won’t be held against me. I’m pretty tired too. Work is going great and I have a whole set of “Countdown” pens now, which should keep me going.

Next Friday, the Outrageous Fortune book “The West Family Album” will be released. It’s a paperback book full of quizes, reciepes, drinking games, trivia and more; a must have for fans of the show so I will defantly be getting it! Also next week is the biggest episode ever so make sure you tune in. If you haven’t seen the show before and only plan on seeing one episode; MAKE IT THIS ONE.

Our cat Pepper is glaring at me, a sign I should probably turn the lights off and go to sleep. So I’ll do that; and in the meantime, feel free to click here to discover how to tell if your cat is planning to kill you. It’s a very interesting read!