Wow that took a long time

by Kyle

Pure Modesty (Ep1) is finally online and it’s about time!
Again, apologies about the credits being “half way though”. We wern’t sure if we were going to film the final scenes, which we ended up filming on the day of the screening! There was no time to edit them in properly, so they ended up after the credits. But oh well. At least it keeps you watching I suppose, but I will not be putting scenes after the credits anymroe – not after Tracey’s Back!

Feedback has been great – we’re excited about filming more episodes in the near future! Look out for Ben Lummis who makes a special appearance!

At the moment, I’ve been up to school, work and WITT. I’m doing a journalism course there, which compliments my new gateway placement quite nicely and I’m planning a few more episodes. WITT is fun, really enjoying it! Can’t believe I almost didn’t go.

Anyway, make sure you comment on PM either here or at, because comments are really important so we know what you think about the new work. I personally think the acting is much better than the other stuff (Andrea and Meredith are much better, and I play a mean drunk haha) and it’s just great. We all had a really good night filming it.