Holidays are over!

by Kyle

On Saturday 18th I had my 17th. Which was a great time had by all, really; the night was long and there was a real variety of different people there. We screened Pure Modesty which got some great responces; the actors thought it was hilerious and the people who talked to me about liked it more than the other stuff, which is a common comment in passing to me now. I will upload it soonish this week; today is my real birthday and I am relaxing!
One thing I learnt from my birthday was this; when you are around particular people for an extended period of time, it just gets really annoying. Which is what I found over the weekend, so in future I don’t really want another birthday sleepover. Yikes. But the best thing was that while I planned a smaller birthday than last year, it turned out to be much bigger!

Another thing: I will not be renewing the domain. This is because I think it’s a bit too commercial; I will continue my blog, but on a different web address. will continue though because thats another place where my films will be from now on, yay. While renewing is months away I think, I’m just putting down the law now. This blog isn’t as personal as I had wanted it to be in the begining because of the whole “” thing, so I want to get it back to that stage. If you still want to follow, email

But yeah. Time for bed. =]

P.S: Thanks Dad for the great non-cutting shaver, time to throw out the razor! I cut myself with it before work, and went to work bleeding and looking like an idiot holding tissues to my chin. *sigh*
And that’s not all – I had a huge lip because I wacked it falling over on Saturday, what a mess 😛

P.P.S: Thanks Mum for the mink, it’s SO MUCH BETTER and I really like it.

P.P.P.S: I did turn a blind eye to you this morning. Be careful about what you say and where you say it.