It’s almost time again…

by Kyle

Next week, filming begins for Episode 1 of Modest Pleasure; my next production. And it’s really exciting because i’m really, really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and filming again! Except this time it’s with a whole new cast of people, well almost; Meredith and Andrea, the stars of Tracey’s Back (they played characters Tracey McNutt and Monique Sylvia) will be making a guest appearance in the episode with the new star of the show, Sheryl Parker.

Another change is Dad will not be cameraman for these scenes. He won’t even be at filming at all as he’ll be in Auckland, which will be good. The week after, the cast of Modest Pleasure will be traveling to Auckland to film scenes up there with Ben Lummis. More exciting stuff!

I begin my new job tomorrow; which is also cool but am natuarally nervous about it.I’ve been off school this week as I had the normal flu,so I have a lot of school work and assessments to catch up on. Driving lessions are going smashingly and Rodney will be here any minute so I need to go get prepared! Thanks for reading – there will be a few updates of filming next week on here and possibly a preview. I hope to have everything filmed at cut by July 17th.