Being Busy, Jobs, TV & School

by Kyle

I think the title just about covers everything!
I’ve been real busy over the last few weeks, i’ve hardly had much time to myself.

So last week I was in Auckland (YUS) filming on The Jaquie Brown Diaries. It was really awesome. As per my contact, I can’t reveal what happens or who my chracter is but it will be awesome to watch! I can say, however that Rhys Darby is in the episode and I shake his hand, much to Ryan’s jealousy. Haha.
I made heaps of new mates on the show and luckily they all have Facebook! So I’ll keep in touch with them and vise versa. Was a really cool expierence 😀

I got a phonecall from Countdown yesterday. I was a bit surprised and hopefull of why they wanted to see me again, and it turns out that my interviews were successful; they offered me a job! How cool! So I’ll be working there, as well as helping out at Merrilands Takeaways. I was stoaked; my first real interview process and I succeeded. Very proud of that, as many guys I know were turned down for the job! :O

Outrageous Fortune is back on our screens, and everyone’s loving it. I recap the episode for addicted overseas fans, on Rachel recently revamped the site and it looks awesome, so check that out.

I also broke my 7 year record of no detentions. Not my fault of course, but I’m not complaining because all it involved was me being in a classroom for half an hour during lunch. I could read a book or whatever, so I did that as well as chat to a few mates that were also in there. It wasn’t that bad at all; but then I realised that I was in the same room as people who threatened teachers, abused others, assulted others, and worse. And all I was in there for was for missing a study period. Hmm.

The other day it was cool to go back to CityFitness; the Gym; with Ryan, Sheree and Hayley. That was pretty fun and hopefully I can go back a few more times before my trial runs out – again.

HUGE thanks to Rodney for giving me driving lessions over the last few weeks, and for your support! Good luck for your course and job applications. Rodney is a pianoist, who recently traveled the world, playing on a cruise ship, see a sample of his works below: