Auckland & XT Network

by Kyle

Well I’m here in Auckland!
Traveled up here with Dad and Eric yesterday morning. It was a good trip….a bit tired though as Sheree stayed over and we did not get any sleep at all . Brought my XT Network phone on Friday and I have been overwhelmed with terrible customer service and problems since the launch. Took 48 hours to be connected, and in that time, my old Telecom mobile was disconnected so neither phone worked. Wouldn’t have been good if there was an accident on my way to Auckland!

Telecom promises on their website, $10 credit on every sim and free credit with every topup ($5 for every $20 topup so = $25 credit). I didn’t get my $10, so I topped up $20 and when I did that, I didn’t get my $5. So that’s been annoying too!

AND, due to Telecom error my phone was disconnected today. I’m so sick of having to ring them.

But when it does work, it is incredible. I love the phone, and love it more when it works properly. The video/voice calls are so clear, data is so speedy and all round, the new network is really, really good. Expect more posts when I’m on the go because I’m on a good cheap data plan 😀

XT Network side, tomorrow I will be filming with The Jaquie Brown Diaries which is exciting. Can’t wait for that!
I won’t be able to post about it very much but I will say how it went.  Heading back to New Plymouth on Thursday morning, and then to my Countdown interview.