Exceptional Service

by Kyle

The iPod Nano I brought last year was the lastest model out.
And one of the super-cool features, was supposed to be this: You turn the iPod on it’s side, and all the albums come up so you can flick though and find the one you want. But it never worked for me!
So I sent my scratched and slightly dented iPod to TotallyMac last week, and they confirmed the fault and emailed me to say a replacement part was ordered.
This morning, I recieved a brand new iPod in the mail! No scratches or dents, and works perfectly! I am very impressed 😀

What isn’t exceptional is the freezing weather, and I think it’s fair to say freezing! It really is cold. This is true coldness! Brrrr.

So that’s all I have to blog about today. Oh, OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE will air from Tuesday June 2nd, 9.30pm on TV3. Great news 😀