TODAY: 25 APRIL 2009

by Kyle

Before we begin this post, I’d like to say Happy ANZAC Day. While there isn’t anything happy about it, it’s a day where we can honour those who died for us in the war. It’s a day where the family goes out to visit my Grandparents’ graves.
It’s a day where there is no ads on TV until noon, and a day where you can remember them.

Tonight is Dad’s Birthday BBQ & Party, and I have a little something to share tonight that I filmed with Dad yesterday. I think he enjoyed jumping on the other side of the camera for once, having turned down the role for Inspector Gavin Woodmass in Tracey’s Back.
This new short will be one you can’t miss! It will premiere ONLINE at 8pm, right here. Don’t miss it because you will not be expecting what happens!