It’s nearly over.

by Kyle

In just a matter of days,
I will be back at school. Bah. Sometimes I think “stuff it” and other times “go for it”, because I really don’t feel that interested in Level 2 like I was with Level 1. I’ll stick with it though, because of Gateway and my commitments with school duties, etc. But yeah. It’s kinda depressing really.

But what isn’t deperessing is a few things. There always seems to be more positive things than negitive, and sometimes you just need to find them. But the bad crap always seems to outweigh the good stuff. So, here it is:
On Saturday night, Dad will have his 55th. I, with Dad have filmed a little skit which will premiere on the night, which is exciting because I never thought in a million years we’d be doing this again. If that confuses you…then wait and see. If  you’ve seen my other works, then this might surprise you.
Also, NZ Idol winner Ben Lummis will be joining the cast of the next film, which is fantastic! Even if it is just a cameo, it’s going to be good.
I have been appointed “Moderator” on Street Talk, a popular and growing Shortland Street forum. South Pacific Pictures keep a close eye on that site…
I’ve also got a 1-day-job with Throng. It’ll be great to be earning again. This will be going straight into savings. Plus, Dad said I could have the car I want (and he wants too, secretly so Mum can use it as well) if I got a job. Well even if it’s just for a few hours, it’s still a job so…..go buy 😉

I realised I never uploaded my beach picture! It’s an image of some of my close mates and family on the beach. You can check it below:

Beach Cast