The Doctor

by Kyle

I have no idea how I managed to avoid the doctor over the last four years, but finally I’ve discovered the TARDIS and Doctor Who is my new faourite show.
The legendary programme was revived by the BBC in 2005, and has been a huge hit.
Prime currently holds the rights to the show, and has aired all of the new seasons. I think the show is fantastic – and I’m glad it’s been so successful!
I don’t watch Prime, it’s just not a channel I’ve ever bothered to look at, especailly since the channel isn’t available on Freeview – a reason why I’m against Sky + Prime screening the Olympics.

Holidays have been good so far – Didn’t get to go to Zieland this week, but I’ll be there next week. Jeremy had his 13th Bithday, a sleepover; much to Mum & Dad’s delight, I began working on a proposal for a new project and putting ideas together for the four-seperate film projects I’m going to be busy with soon.
It’s Dad’s birthday next week, that should be fun to deal with. It’s also Angus’ and Ryan’s birthday parties next Monday, which reminds me I need to buy birthday presents and find out the times of their parties, so I can arrange to be at both.

Oh, and I need to study up on Legal Studies + Biology for school, copy out more notes and do homework.

So I’d better get some sleep. Night.