…and Easter’s gone…

by Kyle

I know there’s still Monday left, but wow; Easter sunday flew past pretty quick. Damn, that means the ad-free television is over until Christmas!
Ahhh. Easter here was okay. We had heaps of visitors on Sunday, mainly family and that was good. And while I believe in Santa Claus more than the Easter Bunny, I still got a fair amount of eggs this year so that made my day =]

I’ll be cooking some chutney tomorrow, Pineapple and Cucumber. Mum and Dad loved it, and now Lynley wants to buy some so I’ll cook some up tomorrow. I’ve been doing alot of preserving foods lately, we’ve been studying different processes at school and it’s been interesting making jams and sauces! Who knew they would actually taste good? Hmm, I’ve turned into a Grandad.

I’ve a lot planned these holidays so I won’t be blogging much. But in a nutshell, I’ve got three sessions at Zieland coming up – working on a film competition, two birthdays to attend – on the same day, Dad’s birthday at the end of the holidays, and I did have Ethen staying but he got grounded. And yes, I am currently writing out ideas for the next film. Dad is reluctant to do it with our faulty camera, but it’s not as if we can afford a new one anytime soon, and I don’t want to just give up production while I’m on a roll.

Anyway, I’ve got to go because Jamie’s staying over tonight and I want to go to bed soon.
Happy Easter!