Four Films, Holidays, School Staff Laptops and Accidents.

by Kyle

I really didn’t take advantage of the no-ads yesterday like I should of.
Oh well.

It’s holidays now, which should give me some thinking space so I can prepare for the FOUR films I’ll be working on. Yes, four:

  1. TuiKiwi Productions: Project #03
  2. Zieland Productions: Depict Film Competition
  3. WITT Course: Create a short film
  4. NPBHS Utility Period: Film making

So thats alot of filmmaking going on there!
I was going to do an additional WITT 3-day course in the holidays but I figured it would be way too much film for my liking, and plus I will be working at Zieland over the days of the course anyway.

School life is good, my dean has organised for me to use a laptop in class instead of writing notes and getting pain in my thumb. Which is great! It’s a staff laptop, and not old either. It has Bluetooth and Wireless and all of that jazz, but don’t think I’ll be using all that extra stuff anyway. Note to Dad: Contact Steve =]

For those who know about Dad’s accident last Sunday, he’s doing much better now and looks much better too.

I’m going to go to bed. So HAPPY EASTER!
I was going to change from a Pirate to a Easter Bunny (top of page), but didn’t get around to it.