Attempt @ World’s Biggest Waterfight

by Kyle

Today I went along to the attempt at the World’s Biggest Waterfight with Hayley – and it was awesome!
I brought a $2 watergun there, and managed to squirt a good dose of water! Saw mates there and by the end, we were all truely soaked.
The target was for over 3000 people, and I have a feeling that it was met. While we won’t officially know until Monday morning, Auckland will be also trying to break the record tomorrow (Sunday). So hopefully they won’t beat our attempt.

The waterfight marked the end of the 19th Variety Bash – which raises money for the Variety Children’s Charity. A truly great cause!

I got to meet up with Maria the Medic – I met her when the bash was last in town, way back in 2004! I had a good chat with her and the rest of the medic crew, and managed to grab a few goodies too!

I hope it was a success and that Variety made a good amount of money. They donate large amounts to schools and organisations to help children in need, and it’s fantastic. They do great work!