What am I doing?

by Kyle

Wow I don’t come here much…I need to make more of an effort.
So last night I returned from a school Biology trip up North. We stayed at a place near Leigh (past Auckland) and we were there to visit a Marine Reserve.
I’ll write a post about the trip later on.

I’m working on ideas for the next film also; it’s harder than it sounds. Luckily I’ve got a long list of people who are keen to join the film, so casting won’t be an issue =D

Some sad news: Dad is so against me learning to drive. While most of my classmates and guys at school drive to school, I can’t. Dad’s promise about a car if I passed exams (which I think I posted about posted about at the time) fell though. Mum doesn’t mind me learning, but I’m yet to actually begin. So I don’t know, there’s not much I can do about it. It looks like if I am going to be moving to Auckland next year, I’ll be biking, walking or using public transport frequently.

Here is some good news to end this short post:
Helen Clark lands top United Nations job