Palmy: 6 & 7 March

by Kyle

Well I arrived into Palmy North at around 6.50pm last night. The bus seemed to take forever and I must have fallen asleep considering I woke up in Wanganui.
James picked me up from the bus station and went round home to catch up with Terri and Jack (dog) before having McD’s for tea haha!
The rest of the night was outside, just chatting with the neighbour. It was bed at 4am and up at 10.

Today we went to have a look at the power windmills – they are huge! Make an amazing “woosh” sound and it’s kinda relaxing up there.
We went to a cafe for lunch and later the science museum – trippy place! Mirrors everywhere, pitch-black passages with obstacles…pretty cool. There were also exhibitions on motorcycles and history of radio.

Sorry to be brief, but I have to go out now! haha. But it’s a really good break away and Jack is a cool dog to play fetch with! Might upload photos once I’m back home, not that there’s many anyway.