Strong Leadership

by Kyle

I think strong leadership is important in any group, organisation or team.
And I’m proud to say that under my leadership at the NPBHS Cramond Library:

  • SKY has been bought back and will be more accessable
  • Pieces of old furniture from the 80’s has been thrown away
  • New signs have been installed around the building
  • Old posters and signs have been pulled down
  • A massive cleanup is underway
  • Pinup boards are no longer brown/pin, instead different colours
  • Artwork donated to the school is finally being installed
  • School heritage is on display & no longer locked away.
  • A admin account for the Head/Deputies has been created
  • Talks to bring back “The Whistle” are in session.

It’s been tough work! And I don’t want it to sound geeky, but realistically, I’ve pushed for everything on the above list and worked to get/do it. Gareth (Deputy Head #2) and Ryan have helped out and it’s been great.
The Head Librarian can’t really be bothered coming in, a shame.
One reason why I do work there is because it will look great on a C.V. It shows strong leadership skills, something that will not only look impressive, but convince potential employers that you are able to lead a team.

In other school-related news, I’ll be attending a First Aid workshop all day tomorrow as part of GATEWAY. I have to be there a 7.45am (UGH) and can’t be a minute later than 7.59am.
As I write this, the Avondale School attack is on the news. A foreign student stabbed a teacher in the back while his back was turned to the class. That’s disgusting; especially since this stupid kid had only been attending the school for a few weeks. There is no excuse for that, he should be deported, sent to jail or whatever. He doesn’t deserve to walk free on our soil. But one thing that I’m pleased to say, is that nothing like that ever happens at Boys’ High. Bullying towards teachers is really unheard of.

Well I’m going to go to sleep so I can be up in time for tomorrow. But I’ll follow the Avondale School story with interest, because it seems violence in Auckland schools is on the rise.