The Winner

by Kyle

Today I won in two things.

  1. My house, SYME won the NPBHS Swimming Sports, with the boarders (who usually win everything) coming last. So that was good!
  2. The silly Section 92A copyright+internet law was delayed, and will be reviewed in March. It was due to come into effect in three days.

So it’s been a winning day, you could say. I’ve refreshed the blog and hope to have a new header up by tomorrow night.
Now, right now I’m watching the Oscars. WOW, Slumdog Millionare has won many, many awards. It’s crazy! But it’s very entertaining. I was impressed when Kate Wimset thanked Peter Jackson!

South Pacific Pictures’ latest TV drama, Go Girls has hit screens and it’s getting mixed feedback. Personally, I don’t think it’s something I can be or get interested in. It’s about three girls who have dreams, and a guy. They are all mates and want to achieve their dreams on getting rich/famous/married in a year. I found that some acting/plot wasn’t that intresting! I was disapointed to be honest, but will check it out a few more times anyway. Ooh, Slumdog Millionare just won another award!

At today’s Swimming Sports, Sausages were being sold for $2 each. Is this a fair price to pay for a sausage, or is it too much? I think it’s too much, but I want to know what you think. Vote in the poll below:

PS: Happy Birthday Paul!