Finally a Twit

by Kyle

Well I’ve finally managed to grasp Twitter, and I’m making a real go of it.
If you don’t already know, Twitter is a website where you can let people know what you are doing. At first, I didn’t really see the point.
I signed up for an account ages ago, without actually using it. I just couldn’t get into it like some technology-minded people.
But more and more people are using it now, including the NZ Herald and Kimberly Crossman. So I forced myself to start using it, and now find it really handy. It updates my status on Facebook and Bebo, and I can tell family+friends what I’m upto. Example: kylewadsworth is auditioning for a major film on Monday.
So yeah. You can also have friends on Twitter who can follow your Tweets and you can follow what they say.
So, enough of the whole Twitter thing. Just thought I’d explain in case you didn’t understand why there’s a Twitter box on the left hand side of the site now; it’s so you can see up-to-date stuff on what I’m up to.

I’m doing Legal Studies at school and I keep having second thoughts. I’m not too sure what I’ve gotten myself into….eep. I don’t think I’m enjoying school as much as I thought I would. It’s only Gateway that I really like at the moment. But I’m not planning on being a DROPOUT, because that is basically the path of a failure if you don’t have a very sucessful plan already lined up.

What else is going on? I don’t know…oh thats right; I’ve come up with a new film!
I just need to write a script and cast it. But it’s related to the whole-recession thing, and I think it might be awesome. So we’ll see.
OH! I will start work at Zieland Productions in March. I will work there for the rest of 2009, but it’s not paid work, just work experience. Which I think is awesome. I’ll start at TelstraClear in April.

Oh – before I go, Tracey’s Back will stay up on the homepage until the end of the month. To watch it from the 1st of March, you’ll need to visit the TUIKIWI Productions page and go from there.